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We work with small to mid-sized companies in the areas of accounting, financial analysis, and business operations.

Quite often, newly formed companies are focused on delivering their products or services to the marketplace.  As a result, owners and partners often overlook the administrative aspect of running a business.  They often fail to understand and appreciate the importance of not only making sales and paying bills, but the value of timely financial reports.

Our methodologies have been proven to help customers in the following areas:

  • Conduct detailed interviews that will identify your operations
  • Identify and understand the “business drivers” (and key indicators)
  • Create a business plan that will help focus activities and define goals
  • Create Operations Manuals that will be part of your organization’s documentation
  • Set up accounting systems or improve existing systems
  • Implement new software solutions
  • Make sound business decisions based on the current and future operating environments
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